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York University

Connected Health & Wellness Project

Improving access to health information through mobile devices and health coaching.

Image of an older man with his dog whilst he holds a tablet, beside him graphic text reads, 'Connected Health and Wellness Project: Redefining Canadian Health Care'
Screenshot of the landing page of the website created for York. A large feature image in the background that carousels through different topics, the navigation is overlaid on this as well.
There are a variety of carousel headers that feature a variety of types of people and messaging. 1: College age kids discussing in a group in a park.
2. Some adults walking in a park with a child on a bicycle.
3. A father in his kitchen with two children.

Working with 19 stakeholders and partners, this website project encompassed everything from audience analysis and content architecture through responsive design and development.

Mobile version of the page. Carousel image: Mature African-American woman on tablet.
Mobile version of the page, featuring some text blocks.
Mobile version of the page, featuring some a full text page, 'Health Coaching Research.'