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Save on Energy

Deal Days

A brand new look for a brand new conservation program

Products such as a powerbar with a timer, LED bulbs, and dimmer switches, professionally shot, bursting out of a multiplex of green refracting light colours.
Front of a direct-mail postcard that features the Deal Days logo.
Front of a direct-mail postcard that features the different product deals.

We helped overhaul a new in-store discount program with a new name and identity, an array of point-of-sale materials and customizable marketing templates for participating retailers to leverage, and a multimedia awareness campaign.

A Facebook ad for Deal Days being viewed on a mobile phone.
Someone walking in a store, the floor has a Deal Days decal on it.
Close-up of a laptop, a person is viewing a home decoration and renovation website with some Deal Day online ads

30 Second Radio Spot - English

30 Second Radio Spot - French